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    • DaCodes for Business ® offers a complete service designed tu fully address the technological needs that companies have. Our service integrates seamlessly with the established business processes and operations to create high-end digital tools that bring value to the company.

    • DaCodes for StartUps® is a service built exclusively for the development of digital projects which can be integrated by mobile apps, web pages, hardware devices and more. We work hand by hand with the entrepreneurs and support them throughout the whole StartUp process.

    • DaCodes Academy® offers an intensive program which will teach you how to build iOS Apps, Android Apps, Data Bases, Web Services, and much more. All you need is a creative mind and a little bit of time.

Our Work

Technology Telcel With the NewsBI App, America Móvil LATAM can now deliver all telecom global news to their executives and managers in a direct and synthesized way. The NewsBI app allows users to filter, share, and interact with news platforms.
Health The pediatric mobile application of the renowned Dr. José Echeverría offers to all of his patients’ parents the facility of having all the information related to the health of their children. Parents now, have the possibility to consult and check the whole updated medical history,...Health | Pediatrics | Consultation | Baby | Child | Mom | App | Doctor
Restaurants, Lifestyle All the regional gastronomy in the palm of your hand! Thanks to the Degusta Yucatán mobile application, you will now have a restaurant guide on your mobile phone with the best culinary options. The app allows you to see reviews, the menu and photos related...Health | Tourism | Restaurants | Food & Drinks | Entertainment | Lifestyle | Gastronomy | Degusta
Health With the Mevica mobile app, now you can request with a few touches to your phone, the doctor that best suits your needs. You can schedule appointment and the doctor will arrive at the door of your home!Health | Doctor | Medicine | Appointments
Restaurants, Lifestyle, Sports Boston’s Pizza app allows this famous franchisee’s clients to win points with each purchase. The users can exchange the points for prizes and discounts. The app can give extra points to the users with an online Fantasy League game. This game gives the user the...Fantasy | Futbol | Play | Food | Game | Credits
Lifestyle, Transportation Anahuac Mayab University Alumni now can know exactly where the University Buses are and can calculate better the exact time to get to the bus stop by using the Mayabus mobile app. They can receive alerts and notifications regarding changes in the routes and more,...Transportation | University | Students | Bus
Restaurants, Lifestyle The renowned brand Kukis by Maru now, offers its customers the chance to earn points and obtain special benefits through its own Kukis mobile platform. With the platform, Kukis by Maru manages to pamper its audience and strengthen the value of  Kukis by Maru brand.Food | Cookies
Lifestyle, Transportation Zenzzer is a mobile app that works with a fuel-measuring device and allows the user to see the real fuel load while it is being carried out in his/her vehicle. With this, the user can verify from his/her mobile phone if the fuel load was...Apps | Liters | Gasoline | Petrol | Zenzzer

Our services


Native iOS applications development using Swift and Objective-C


Native Android applications development using Java and Android Studio

Web development

Web sites and Web applications development


UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) development


Bot development for Facebook Messenger and Telegram


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications development using Oculus

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We are leaders in Software Design & Development in the southeast of Mexico




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Our Process

1. Concept & Strategy development

The client and our development team start working on the project. Together, they analyze the strengths, weaknesses and details of the project, taking into account the market tendencies and social behavior in order to create a successful product that satisfies the required innovation for the client’s market.

2. The features

Once the idea is concreted into a viable concept, the development team is in charge of elaborating a document where all the project stages and details are specified in a clear way. This document also includes all the features and functions the app will have. It will also help as a guideline for our designers and coders.

3. Branding & Design

We know the design takes the most important role for the app interfaces that is why we assure the project will look as attractive as the client wants. The look and feel of the app will set the tone for everything else. Our team is deeply experienced and well trained; all of our designers balance illustrative creativity with a deep understanding of app layout.

4. Development & Launch

This stage is the longest, it consists on start giving life to the app by constructing the algorithms and coding in different languages. When it’s time for development, we assign specialists that match with the technologies selected during the architecture phase. The whole team works towards deadlines and constant supervision. Once the app is ready for the public, we launch it to the stores.

DaCodes in the Press

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    Photo: Co-founders Carlos Vela Canul, Mauricio Moreno Jure-Cejin and Jorge Campos Berny.

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    This app allows you to ensure you receive the exact gasoline liters you pay at any gas station.

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    A new way of using the public transportation

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    The best culinary places in Yucatan are all gathered in an app.